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our mission is to dispense utmost care within the NDIS framework with energy, enthusiasm and excitement.

Who We Are

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At Abilities For All, we want every client to have the ability to create their own lifestyle. We believe that every person can live their life with purpose. We believe that every person has the right to possibilities, has the right to making independent choices and to achieve their dreams. We believe that it is every person’s right to choose the service they want, to learn the skills they need and most importantly, get the service they expect and are paying for. We listen closely to our clients to understand their needs and limitations, then discuss and determine potential solutions. We work with you to customize options that will make the life you want for yourself and your loved ones a reality.

Abilities For All presents possibilities and is committed to delivering on our word to assist people to achieve their dreams.

Who We Are

About Our Organisation

Our Vision

We aim at fostering strong bonds with clients from mainstream Australia, Aboriginal, and Torres Islander people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to dispense utmost care within the NDIS framework with energy, enthusiasm and excitement.

Our Values

Respect, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence are central to our values at Abilities for all.

Board Of Directors

Bullsbrook Abilities For All Cynthia

Cynthia Emurugat

Chief Executive Officer
Bullsbrook Abilities For All Ben

Benard Tonui

Bullsbrook Abilities For All Meggie

Meggie Collie


Our Framework

Our behaviour reflects the vision, mission and values that resonate within Abilities For All.


Respect is paramount while interacting with staff, clients, and their families at Bullsbrook Abilities for All. We believe that people living with disabilities, especially those with psychosocial or cognitive impairments, must be supported in making decisions rather than having decisions made for them, even when it is in their best interest.


Integrity underpins our hiring process has integrity as one of the most important requirements. All our support workers are trustworthy, reliable, and honest.


Collaboration to assist improve the quality of our services, we constantly develop collaborations with other professionals and the community. These partnerships help us empower our clients and make it easier for them to participate in all aspects of life.


We are committed to ensuring that the services we offer best meet the needs of our clients and are compliant to the NDIS quality standards.


We are dedicated to the process of reconciliation and to nurturing and preserving partnerships with Aboriginal communities. We recognise Aboriginal people as the custodians of this land and will ensure that respect for Aboriginal cultures is promoted.


We openly share our policies and processes to every individual that accesses our services to show our transparency and accountability. We take pride in our work and are happy to show it. All our policies and guidelines can be made available on request. Our service promotes the National Standards for Disability Services and reflect the standards in all that we do.